Rock Solid Connection – The 3 C’s | April Asher | The Love Catalyst
acheter orlistat A rock solid connection is a vital component of what I call useful reference The Bulletproof Relationship.                                                             There are many ways to connect as partners. It’s crucial that we experience a strong & consistent connection, if we expect to create lasting love with another person.                                                                   
qui rencontre le portugal It’s a natural result that couples grow apart over time when these needs aren’t being met. It’s necessary to feed & nurture our relationship so it (& us!) can thrive.
                                                                  Here are a few ways to increase & strengthen your connection right now.                                                     
see here now 3 C’s of Connection
1. Physical Connection. Are you & your partner touching each other regularly? I’m not 
referring to sexual touching here, I mean consistent physical connection, in the form of loving touch. This is an essential component of your relationship. It relaxes your nervous systems & helps you to handle the daily stresses of life. To increase this connection, start by giving (& asking for) more hugs & be sure to cuddle up with your partner during times of relaxing together.                                                                                                                                                          
2. Emotional Connection. When you & your partner are there for each other; sharing openly, vulnerably, & listening well, you’ll feel the bond of emotional connection. A strong emotional 
connection is necessary for feeling ‘that loving feeling’ & it fosters trust & companionship. To flex this connection muscle, focus on sharing with your partner, asking for what you want & being an excellent listener when they’re sharing with you.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
3. Sexual Connection. If you’re in an exclusive partnership with someone this type of connection is usually one that you don’t share with anyone else. If your sexual connection isn’t where you want it to be, put some effort into creating a fulfilling sex life with your partner. Put the focus on creating & allowing pleasure & deep connection. Because this is a special way to connect that’s unique to your relationship, your efforts here will pay off. Your partner can get a hug from someone or feel heard by someone else. But to have a strong sexual connection with their mate they rely on you, your availability & commitment. All types of connection are crucial for you to share together & there are no substitutions. I just want to point out that this particular human need goes unmet if you aren’t creating what you want together!                                                                                                                                                                               
Share this with your partner & take the time to deeply connect this week!