address What IFthere was a way to get better results in your relationship in months than you may have gotten in years on your own or in couples therapy?


buy dapoxetine with paypal What IFyou could get the relationship you’ve always wanted, your dream relationship, with the partner you have now…regardless of your history together?


hydrochlorothiazide price with insurance What IFyou could have the keys to the kingdom & learn exactly how to create & enjoy a successful, thriving relationship?


What would this be worth to you, your partner & the future of your relationship? And if you have or want to have children, what would this mean for them?




  • You disagree with your partner about things you feel could be easily handled, if only you could just be a TEAM.

  • You have issues in your relationship but you know deep down that the problem isn’t really about the issues.

  • You’re not sure what’s missing but you know something is. Sometimes you feel it’s absence at night & when you’re lonely & occasionally you secretly wonder if you’re going to be able to stay together.

  • You feel the potential between you & your partner. You know that an amazing relationship is possible, but neither of you know how to get there. And you want more.

  • You can see by your patterns that you could be set up for long term failure… if you keep doing things the way you’re doing them now, your relationship may degrade over time & that scares you.

You know that if you had the right type of relationship support you could move mountains.

If your relationship was rock solid, it’d give you wings.

If you keep letting things sit & stew, sweeping them under the rug & not dealing with them, you fear you’ll never get anywhere worth going.

You could end up bitter, miserable & quite likely one day divorced. You’ve heard the fateful statistics & you don’t want to be one.

Since you don’t believe anything just magically get better you know letting it just sit is a big gamble & you no longer want to gamble with your relationship future.

After all, would it make any sense to tell someone to keep doing something that isn’t creating results they LOVE?

Aside from financial security, at the top of the list of things people value most, are their relationships. Yet millions of people are suffering in relationships right now.

IT’S QUITE LITERALLY, heartbreaking.


It’s not your fault.


You shouldn’t already (& automatically) know how to create & manage a successful relationship just because you’re human! To do anything well it takes the appropriate tools & at least a basic level of knowledge and skill.  You wouldn’t hire a computer programmer to do your heart surgery, or a plumber to do your car repairs, would you? It makes no sense. But as children, most of us weren’t taught adequate relationship skills in school or at home & have no knowledge of what it takes to become successful at it. This lack of critical education is one of societies worst possible failures.

We spend large chunks of time on our childhood education & large chunks of money on our adult education on learning processes that teach us nothing of relationship excellence. We wonder why we can’t succeed in friendships, business, & are unable to sustain a passionate & fulfilling relationship with a partner. Which, ironically, is the #1 thing SO many human beings desire!

This is unacceptable & unnecessary.

I get where you are. I get the struggle to do your best even when your best isn’t good enough. Despite my best efforts, my first marriage ended in pain & divorce. So I got smart & learned some relationship skills. Three years later I remarried to someone who was into the work as much as I was.  Because of our extensive training we thought we knew how to create relationship success. We were the lucky ones, right?  We went on to teach relationship & communication skills to others, in fact, we had our own company doing this.

But, something was still missing…I knew this because I still had a longing that wouldn’t quit & sometimes kept me up at night.  I knew I should be grateful for what I had.  But I also knew deep down that something in the way we were doing it was all wrong…& I was painfully aware that we were capable of so much MORE.  It sucked to admit but I felt alone (not a TEAM with my hubby) & I didn’t know why. We’d done a ton of growth work & it just didn’t make sense. What was wrong?

I knew from my previous marriage that it couldn’t go on like this forever & especially now that I had kids, it terrified me. I just kept going, kept trying my best. After about 10 years the dam broke. From February to November that year our relationship plummeted into a downward spiral.  Our family was on a confusing & frustrating roller coaster ride that eventually led to us living separately for two months.

One especially bad day…I looked into our future & through the fog I could literally make out the shape of the “Big D” headed in our direction.  I knew I was “done” with the way things were but divorce had never been an option before. And in my heart… I didn’t want it to be. It felt really wrong that if nothing changed we’d have a broken family & a life apart.  I knew there had to be a way to wake up from the nightmare & get the incredible relationship we’d originally signed up for.

I decided enough was enough.  I fully committed to not only saving my marriage but to creating our dream relationship! I went on a ruthless search. Luckily, I found what I was looking for…in cutting edge relationship science.  I’d found a breakthrough way to create team, stay committed in love & have that be our new normal.  We were good students, it was fun & as we started to see the results we were hooked! It started with the belief that it was possible & the decision to go for it. In following through we created the life & relationship I always knew we could have.  By the end of that year we were headed into a brand new thriving future.

I was pretty astounded.  In just a few short months, we had leapt light years ahead.  Further than we had with all the other relationship work combined…work we’d been doing for 10 years!  It wasn’t that the stuff we were doing wasn’t useful, it is. It’s what kept us working fairly well together all that time. But it just wasn’t enough to build a secure, thriving relationship on its own. What we did that fateful year has worked like magic, we’re still doing it & it’s still working.  Going on 5 years after our ‘revolutionary revamp’ we’re still thriving. Since then, we’ve had multiple health crisis’, 3 years of financial meltdown & while all of that was stressful, NONE of it broke our relationship!  Solid, secure & at the risk of too confident, it’s now fundamentally Bulletproof.  After experiencing these game changers & creating extraordinary results in my life I knew I had to help couples change their lives for the better.

 If your relationship ISN’T in pieces like ours was, do you really want to wait until it is?


If your relationship IS suffering now, do you want to continue to gamble and risk losing it?

You probably said “NO!” to those questions or you wouldn’t be here.

“I’ve known April for over 15 years, in fact I met her at a personal growth workshop. April has a high level of integrity and an extraordinary ability to read people and provide very useful and empathetic feedback. Over the years I’ve seen her consistent passion and dedication to personal growth in her own life and she’s also been a strong source of support for countless others, including myself on occasion. I’ve witnessed her marriage from the beginning and I watched her transform it into something special that has been able to withstand many difficult life challenges. I highly trust her skills and knowledge when it comes to relationships and growth. If anyone can help you get the relationship results you’re after, she can.”

Dean Henderson

EEO of Ealand & Sideris Real Estate


I want everyone who craves lifelong love to have it! The thing is, you need a plan & it can’t be just any plan.  You need a specific plan with a proven system to help you get there. It doesn’t work by magic or by chance. And leaving your relationship to chance is setting it up to fail.

The great news is that lifelong love is not only possible but predictable with certain things in place! What if we create our love lives deliberately & consciously, versus… the reactionary, thoughtless, plan less way most people do it? We can expect more powerful outcomes! With good relationship tools & skills & a solid foundation the chances of success go up exponentially.

Practice good love habits & eventually the result is that success becomes inevitable.


This program marries tried & true relationship skills & concepts together with cutting edge knowledge from science & breakthrough support.  The result is a solid structure & foundation  to your relationship. Your ‘smallies’ begin to disappear & your ‘biggies’ are mostly prevented from happening. If & when they do occur they’re easier & more manageable.

I believe in lifelong love. I believe in you & your ability to have this level of extraordinary relationship. I’ve taken the best ingredients of our ‘old school’ gold & the cutting edge new & blended them together to form a new relationship recipe that will launch your relationship into a new future. One you may have thought wasn’t possible for you. I want you to experience the same transformation I did & create lasting results.  If things are tough right now, trust me, there’s still hope. And…you don’t need to wait until things are really bad, it’s available to you right now.

“Before I spoke with April, I felt confused and uncertain about where I was in my relationship. Were my needs in my relationship out of line, too demanding? Was I making inappropriate requests of my husband? In sharing my experience of my relationship with April, she was able to get a good sense of the situation through her vast knowledge and understanding of relationships. I left the conversation feeling much clearer and ready to continue standing my ground. She was also able to give me helpful feedback on how I was (unintentionally) sabotaging my relationship and killing our connection. That night, I went home and brought my actions into the light and apologized. I couldn’t have anticipated the intense emotional release this provoked in my husband. Clearly, I had done some serious damage without even realizing it – and I never would have known if it hadn’t been for April’s willingness to give me that direct feedback. I’m eternally grateful for her insight and compassionate presence. ”

Julia Yanker

Life Untethered Coaching


A Catalyst Session for you to gain clarity on your relationship & us to get clear on your unique goals.

Full email support

Weekly Coaching Sessions to use throughout the program. This keeps you focused & moving continuously to the next level.

Action steps tailored to your individual needs.

Traditional couples therapy can be very expensive, can drag on & on, & at its worst, be ineffective. While I still believe therapy can be helpful, in our case 10 years of it was almost useless for all purposes intended. I’m not a therapist, I’m a specialized coach. My client care is high-level & customized for you & your partner. I’m fully invested in you reaching YOUR goals. So much so, that I don’t want you to need me once you’re program is complete! You may decide to continue to up level your relationship with me as your guide. Ongoing support is always beneficial & there’s always new levels we can take you to. But my goal with this system is that you’ll have created a substantial shift in your relationship during the program & will have a brand new, secure foundation to operate from that will affect the way you do things…forever more.

 Want to know more?



to request a clarity call to see if this program is right for you



  • You believe it’s possible to get what you want (or you want to believe) but don’t know where to start.

  • You’re in a fairly functional relationship as a couple (you have fights & misalignment exists) but you know you can do much better.

  • You & your partner are clear you love each other & are committed to finding answers & creating win-wins together.

  • You’ve ever wanted a ‘do over’ with your partner, or a brand new ‘engine’ for your relationship to run on.

  • You believe in the power of mentorship & coaching. You know that it can create some serious life changes & results.




  • You’re in an abusive situation or relationship. If you think this describes you, please contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline @ OR call @1-800-799-SAFE.

  • You have a mental illness or challenge that makes relationships extremely difficult. I encourage you to explore working with a local mental health professional who’s good at supporting relationships specifically.

  • You or your partner are having an affair & don’t want to stop.

  • You aren’t willing to put in consistent effort over the length of the program & set the intention with your partner to form new habits to create long term (sustainable) change.

  • You think it’s your partner who needs the work & OMG, you wish they’d hurry up already & get fixed!

  • You’re firmly committed to drama, to being right & to keeping the patterns you have in place with your partner.

  • You aren’t open to being amazed & at times totally blown away. By yourself, by your partner & by what’s possible.

  What’s NOT doing something to create your desires costing you? Months? Years?

If you’re thinking “things aren’t all that bad” & “a dream relationship” isn’t your goal, you’re selling yourself & your partner way too short. 

What do you want the quality of your love life to be?

Because the level of happiness you experience in your relationship will affect your everything.

It’s also worth noting that “The Big D” is expensive, in every which way. We could look at stats all day long on how costly divorce & separations are. Even more than financial, there are all the emotional, spiritual, mental & physical drains & expenses that one can never put a price on.

That never needs to happen if you say so. What you’re craving is indeed possible. Otherwise, you wouldn’t dream of it. 

I’m here to tip those scales in your favor, like gold bars to nickles.

Your investment for your customized 6 month


is 6 monthly payments of $1000.00

Or pay in FULL for a total of $5,000. (save $1,000)

Choose the payment option that feels best to you to begin your exclusive couples coaching mentorship.


What is the program exactly?

This program is a 6 month Couples Coaching/Mentoring/Training program, tailored to meet the needs of you & your partner while you take your relationship to brand new depths & heights.  This is a results oriented program, designed to support you & your partners unique relationship needs, as well as create an overall healthy foundation/framework for you to operate from as a team.

Can I do this program by myself instead of with my partner?

If your partner is open to it, I suggest you do this program with them. If you’re single or want to do some work on your own, you can do this program or I have other options to work with me. Schedule a Clarity Call & we can discuss what’s available to help you find the best fit. If what you’re looking for isn’t something I’m currently offering, I have top notch referrals. We can find the someone who can best support your needs.

What is the coaching part?

The coaching part of the program is the phone sessions. It kicks off with a longer “Catalyst Session” & we cover a lot of ground. We begin to set your intentions & goals for the program & I use this as a factor to determine how we can best tailor the program for your needs. From that point forward, the program consists of weekly coaching calls, action steps, & an occasional evaluation so we can be sure we’re meeting or exceeding your goals as you go through the program. 

What if I need you in between sessions?

I’m available by email 5 days a week & I’ll email you back with answers & support as quickly as possible. If you need support for something bigger that comes up, we can move your coaching schedule up one coaching session, since larger things can occasionally be challenging to work through using email. 

What do you mean when you say 'the work'?

The Work is Relationship Development Work & it’s defined as whatever we’re doing with you to build the relationship of your dreams. Sometimes it could feel like work if it’s a more challenging area for you, other times it will likely feel fun, exciting & at other times, completely liberating. When I speak of ‘the work’ it’s just referring to the process we’ll be going through to get the end result & it’s different for all.

During the program what will I need to do?

The foundation of the program is weekly coaching sessions, where you’ll get support, feedback & direction. The specifics of the journey will differ for each person or couple since this is a tailored program. The important thing is that you ARE willing to be & do differently & change things up in order to get the results you want. As long as your willingness & commitment are there, the doing part is a logistical side note. Basically, since it’s tailored for you & by you, it will work for you!

What happens in between sessions, aka 'homework' or action steps?

Action steps differ from week to week. It can range from a prescribed exercise or process you do alone or with your partner, to spending time learning something specific. Sometimes it’s determined by me intuitively & sometimes by you (or us) during the session. It’s important to apply consistent effort between the sessions. There are things we can’t do in sessions that necessitate some use of your time at home. If you’re concerned about what’s required, we can create a structure together that meets your needs while still supporting your goals. As long as you’re serious about the relationship shifts you want to create, it’s all flexible & doable.

How do I know if I need professional therapy and who do you recommend I see?

My husband & I had over 10 years of off & on therapy. During that time we spent a great deal of money & utilized different methods & high level therapists. There was only one specific type of couples therapy that truly helped us shift the fundamentals in all that time. If you’re not sure of your needs & you’d like help getting clear, I’d be happy to speak with you in a free Clarity Call. I never pressure anyone to work with me & I don’t take on clients that I believe would be better served in therapy. I have excellent therapists (all over the country) that I can refer you to that are doing the type of therapy that I’m aligned with.

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“April Asher has been my trusted friend and life coach for more than twenty years. Her light and wisdom surpasses her years on this Earth. She has counseled both my husband and myself throughout the years on relationships and provided us with invaluable tools and resources. As a result, we have experienced great personal growth time and again and will soon be celebrating our twentieth anniversary. April is a true visionary, dedicated to bringing harmony into relationships throughout the world. We know she will reach her goal, one relationship at a time.”

Ingrid Graver

Author, Entrepreneur



  • You get to enjoy your relationship! Have more of what you signed up for!

  • You’ll no longer feel the need to sell out or settle. You’ll learn to let go of conditional love (horse trading) & compromising (everyone loses some) & instead will experience win-win.

  • You’ll have renewed hope & trust, more confidence in your partnership & in your team capabilities to create what you really want!

  • You’ll experience secure intimacy, higher levels of functioning & awareness, deeper levels of connection & renewed passion. (*side effects may include extra bedroom enjoyment!)

  • You’ll finally be on the same page & really feel like a team! And occasionally when you find you’re not, you’ll have clear & easy ways to get right back on track. You’ll be in sync more often than not & that will feel fabulous.

  • Your relationship can not only survive but it can tolerate way more from life. It will be better. Stronger. Dare we say… Bulletproof!



While I’m certain you’ll be completely satisfied (& even elated!) with this program, please read who it’s for & who it’s not for & be sure you’re in alignment with the program. I do not offer refunds.  As you probably know, this is the standard for most coaching programs. If refunds are on the table then there’s a potential out, & the commitment level & follow through effort is often very low. In my experience it’s a set up for failure for all involved when you’re just getting out of the starting gates. It’s very similar to leaving divorce/break up as ‘an option’ in your relationship… it keeps the back door open & keeps both partners from fully investing themselves.  It’s a “planning to fail of sorts”.  We plan to succeed!  I promise my time, skill, & expertise & guidance & you promise to go for it 100% & your financial commitment is part of that. I believe wholeheartedly that this program WORKS if you stay committed & follow through, you’ll reap priceless benefits! I have full confidence that together we’ll not only meet but happily exceed your relationship goals!  (Blow your mind!)

Are you ready TO THRIVE IN LOVE?


Get ready to rock your love life!

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“Over the last year and a half I experienced great trauma and pain over the loss of my marriage and was absolutely lost in a whirl wind of emotion. I needed help to get back on track with my life. April was that person who with her experience, wisdom and skills help me pull myself up and look at the big picture. She coached and guided me to a better understanding of myself and the possibilities of a much better relationship in the future. Even though I have a failed marriage behind me the future looks very bright because of the insights I’ve received from April. I know who I am now and what I need in a relationship. When I meet the right person I stand a much better chance of having the relationship I want and deserve. I’ll forever be grateful for the support and knowledge that she has given me. You won’t be disappointed if you hire April, she is a great and skillful coach!”

Christine Ames

Retired RN