How to stay connected for busy couples | April Asher | The Love Catalyst


A sustained love connection is the lifeblood of a healthy, happy, relationship & yet many things we do (& don’t do) often sabotage & interfere with it. Fast paced businesses, busy family schedules & a world culture that fosters ADHD can cause couples to feel disconnected.

Without an awareness of what is happening, we can unintentionally & unknowingly destroy a beautiful, promising relationship from the inside out.

cheap generic topamax Connecting a little each day with your partner using daily connection rituals can not only keep the disconnection at bay, but it can also strengthen & deepen your relationship causing wonderful results.

For instance, there’s a lot of the usual talk with regards to keeping the romance & passion alive, but romance & passion are results of good love habits. If you have the romance & passion you want, you’re experiencing results. If you don’t have the romance & passion you want, you’re experiencing results. If you want different results, change your habits & you change your relationship!

site de rencontre femme bodybuilder Forming & maintaining good love habits helps to create the sustained love connection that committed couples are looking for, with the byproducts being romance & passion!


club de rencontre caen Here are a few practices that help you maintain your connection in spite of the hustle & bustle.

How to stay connected for busy couples:

Strengthen & foster Core Connections


  • Stay in contact. Your partner should know (& trust) that they have a direct link to you 24/7. They can reach out & get a response back within a certain window of time. Have a clear conversation letting them know your preferred contact methods & an order of how to best reach you. Agree on what’s a reasonable time expectation (with your life circumstances) of when they can count on hearing back if need be. Commit that you will keep this secure lifeline open to them. Expected result: feelings of safety, comfort & security with each other & experiencing the relationship as a safe haven.


  • Welcome home connection. When you or your partner arrive home, the arriving partner gets greeted by the partner who’s home. Stop whatever you’re doing & go to meet them with open arms. Hug until you both relax, before you move on to anything else. Take these 2-5 minutes to do this. Expected result: a realigning of nervous systems, reduced stress, reestablished presence & connection with each other after separation. 


  • Good morning & good night. If you can, rise with your partner & go to bed with them. If this doesn’t work for your schedules find time after waking up & before going to sleep to connect with each other, no distractions. Look into each other’s eyes (if you’re in their presence). Say good morning & good night, beginning & completing the day. At the very least create the space for a loving text or a quick phone call to wish them a wonderful day or to connect before bed. Expected result: experience a stronger feeling connection even during times of separation. Plus enjoy deeper connection & passion & likely more love making.


At first glance these rituals may seem like trivial or minor practices, but science says these important little things done repeatedly over time can impact our relationship & greatly affect its success. Please don’t underestimate them because these few things when practiced regularly can be very transformational! It’s part being present with your partner, part science.

Neuroscience & Psychobiology are changing our understanding of relationship. There’s so much more to know about how & why these rituals work. But the bottom line is, they help create secure attachment & happy nervous systems & this helps you have a much better relationship!

Focus for the week: Share this with your partner & try these this week. Do them all if you can, but try to do at least one consistently all week long.

Comment below & share which connection ritual helped you the most & why! 





*The brilliant Dr. Stan Tatkin writes about these rituals (& much more) in ‘Wired for Love’. I was first exposed to some of these rituals through his book & my marriage can attest to the effectiveness of regular use of them. This book is one of my most highly recommended relationship books!