I’m sure you’ve heard how habits can be helpful or unhelpful in living your best life & how our habits can actually determine our level of success. 

Did you ever think about how your relationship habits affect your love life?

Or WHY it is that a few people create success in their relationship but many, if not most, do not?

In my experience the cause is something I often identify as habituation. 

What I call “Love Habits” are the daily things you be, do & say in your relationship that can distance you from your partner or draw them in close.

They can leave you & your partner feeling insecure or secure. And I’m not meaning jealousy, although it can certainly show up that way.  I mean solid & secure. Trusting & open. Excitement at showing up to support each other out of loyalty & devotion. (Or not!) 


One of the first things I do with clients is take note of their Love Habits & help them create successful ones. Letting go of habits that don’t serve your relationship & replacing with habits that DO serve your relationship is a powerful way to cause a shift in your experience. Good habits are like a secret sauce in the relationship recipe that not only makes or breaks, but that determines exactly to which level of success you will reach. 


The results are fairly fast acting, & they work even better collectively over time. In other words, the more you practice habits of relationship excellence, the more you & your partner (& your relationship) improves & benefits. THIS is how smart people create sustainable lifelong relationship! 
Here’s how you can begin.



cost of hydrochlorothiazide 1) Take a brief inventory of the habits you have that you feel contribute to a more negative experience for yourself, your partner or your relationship. Write them down & list the negative results.


2) Next, list your habits that you feel do serve you, also note the results & why they serve.


3) Choose which one to let go of & which one you will replace it with. 


4) Focus on doing that new habit for one week. When you notice the old habit, immediately replace with the new.


5) Go back to your list, note & compare the results!  Check it again after a consistent month!


Why it works:
Your success in anything is determined by your daily agenda & life habits. This has been proven again & again through many studies of highly successful people. And I have proven it again & again over the last 20 years through my experience in relationships & personal growth. Little habits add up fast & they greatly affect the outcome. 


The bottom line: 
Your relationship (& life) are NOT happening to you, you are creating them. Your relationship results are determined by the quality of your Love Habits. You are creating this sculpture called your life, you may as well do it intentionally & get the best results possible!


What relationship results do YOU desire?  


Comment below & name your WORST old habit & BEST new habit! 








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