important source I believe everyone has the right to an education. Especially necessary, is the education required to create & manage successful & fulfilling relationships.  I believe these life skills (or lack of) affect people their entire life, in a multitude of ways. I think society fails miserably at teaching adequate relationship education.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  The wonderful thing about the world today is there’s plenty of innovative ideas to inspire us, cutting edge science to teach us & the best available knowledge & guidance is available at our fingertips. We just need more relationship education in the spotlight.

buy tinidazole usa Relationships are a catalyst for individual & collective healing that we can utilize. A partner can (& certainly will) bring up the things in us that need to be healed.  There’s a cycle of pain that happens even in high level functioning relationships. Once the buttons begin to get pushed & if the couple cannot effectively deal with what’s happening, it ends up driving them apart.  Often they’ll tire of this cycle & at some point they’ll move on, if only to do the same thing in the next relationship. But it’s like a complex piece of machinery… once you know how it works it never has to be so confusing & mind boggling again. My goal is to help demystify relationships,  show people how they’re creating their results & most importantly how to change this & get the results they truly want.

entocort germany My own marriage experienced this type of relationship crisis around year 10. We spent years learning about relationships & communication, then spent years teaching others the same skills.  We thought this was enough to create a sustainable relationship, but it wasn’t.  Something essential was still missing.  We knew things needed to change but we didn’t know what. What we’d thought was forever was now in serious peril & for a time we didn’t know if it would survive. I found some revolutionary, cutting edge relationship work that fundamentally changed everything. It changed the lives of everyone in my family & forever altered the work I do with others. I always knew I wanted to leave a legacy in the personal growth field. But after experiencing my own marriage transformation of this magnitude, it was clear that I could & needed to help other couples overcome the challenges that inevitably drive them apart.


One of my core principles is:


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A few facts about me:

Growing up, I knew I was different. Today my mentality could be called cutting edge or innovative, but back then it was just foreign to everyone I knew. I’ve been life coaching since I was 3 years old (says my mom, my best client). I disliked boxes or limits & I often traded tradition for free thinking.  And once I learned something I invariably ended up teaching it.


I grew up with very little & I left home to make my own way at 16. I’ve achieved greatness in many areas of life simply because I don’t give up. I believe in human potential, limitless possibilities, & in being unstoppable. These things together create champions.


I’ll choose depth, honesty & authenticity every time. When I ask how you are, I want the real answer. There’s no pretense or BS with me & there’s nowhere I’m afraid to go with you. Tons of people have said “I don’t usually do this” after crying during our conversation, oftentimes the first time we’ve talked. This has occurred with both women & men all throughout my life & isn’t exclusive to clientele. Whatever’s in this moment, bring it. You’re safe here.

Breakthrough Performance Workshop 2007

I was a workshop junkie. I’ve attended, facilitated & led scores of personal growth & development workshops over the last 20 years. I’ve walked on fire, leapt off tall things, done workshops in the buff, broken arrows with my throat & held strangers while they raged & cried. I used to cry when I’d hear myself sing in the car. At that time my empowered voice was the only thing I still feared & fortunately, there was a workshop for that too.  I broke through & have felt free ever since.

My kids are homeschooled & I feel like the luckiest mom in the world. They talk with & get along with anyone young or old. They love to learn, love their nontraditional life & because they’re MY kids they also love vegetables. Here they are roasting veggies like marshmallows.


I’m a total health geek. I was a Licensed Massage Therapist  for a number of years & I could’ve chosen any number of healing careers. A few I’ve studied & considered:  Acupuncturist, Naturopath,  Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Yoga instructor, Astrologist & Psychologist.

I’m a writer at heart. I have several books & a couple of screenplays in the works. I’ve also written many poems & a few songs. I believe in the power of the right words at the right time.


Nothing has taught me more than my evolving marriage of 15 years. With our breakdown at 10 years & consistent relationship work together, we’re living proof that if you desire & you stay committed & unstoppable, success happens. Here’s Brian & I in the beginning.

I live to support. Whatever it is you’re going through I’ve likely faced it myself or supported someone through it. And not to worry, there’s no fire walking, stunt work, nudity or singing required to participate in my current programs!

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Professional bio:

April Asher is The Love Catalyst, she helps coaches and entrepreneurs bulletproof their romantic relationships and create habits for lifelong love.  She’s been in personal growth and development for almost 20 yrs. Her specialty and passion is the improvement of intimate partnerships. April recovered from the brink of marriage disaster to create a bulletproof foundation for her relationship and now teaches couples how to set themselves up for the same remarkable success. When she isn’t rockin’ relationships she enjoys nature and spending time with both her human and furry family members in sunny California. She’s currently working on her grand plan to create peace through widespread connected and secure relationships.